JUNE 17, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Special Guest: BRYAN NOWAK, Paranormal Suspense Author
"My Experiences Writing & Publishing Genre Fiction" 

Bryan Nowak is the author of three paranormal suspense novels: Riapoke (2017),  The Dramatic Dead (2016), and No Name (2015). As a child in elementary school, he exhausted the library of ghost stories and tales of monsters. One story he remembers, in particular, was of the restless spirits of dead pirates. It was supposedly a true story. Years later, after the advent of the internet, he would find out the story was well known, and the location of the story is presently a bed and breakfast in South Carolina. He credits this early start reading books of paranormal suspense as his firm foundation in genre writing. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association and lives in Virginia with his wife and three children. For more information, visit his website: http://www.bryannowak.com/

MAY 20, 2017 12:15 - 2:00 - CRITIQUE SESSION
All articles or stories are due to be sent out by May 6. They are allowed to have between 750-1000 words only. 
            SEND SOMETHING:
            You are working on
            You really need some help with 
            You just want someone to take a look at for ideas
Send submissions to Susan Schwartz ncc17lu[at]aol.com and she will distribute them to the group.    
           Participants are asked to read all the submissions during the two weeks leading up to the meeting and bring copies of the submissions with your comments, or write your comments on separate sheets of paper to give to the submitters.

APRIL 15, 2017 - Tips & Steps to Take When Freelancing the Nonfiction Articles

GUEST SPEAKER:  Rocky Womack - Rocky Womack has freelanced for magazines, newspapers and newsletters since the 1980s and has contributed to more than 75 different publication titles. In his journalism career, he has served as a daily newspaper reporter, magazine editor and newsletter publisher. Currently, he freelances full time and runs his own business in Danville, VA. He's a regular contributor to Growing Magazine, Tobacco Journal International, and has articles featured in​​ Acres USA, Superintendent, Turf, and other trade publications.

MARCH, 2017 - NO MEETING - We attended the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville.

MARCH 11 - Bay to Ocean Writers Conference - Wye Mills, Maryland
MARCH 22 - 26  Virginia Festival of the Book, Charlottesville, VA

FEBRUARY 18, 2017 - WEBINAR - "Taxes for Writers" by Carol Topp, CPA, facilitated by Linda Layne, Publishing Consultant

FEBRUARY - International Correspondence Writing Month  #InCoWriMo
FEBRUARY 8-11 - AWP Conference & Bookfair, Washington, DC #AWP17
FEBRUARY 18 - Richmond Writers Chapter VWC Meeting, 11:00 - 1:00, Video Broadcast, "Writers: Prepare Your Taxes Properly", presented by Carol Topp, CPA, author of the book, Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. Goochland County Library.

JANUARY 21, 2017 - GUEST SPEAKER - Charlie Finley, Editor & Publishing Consultant - "Publishing Considerations & Tips"

JANUARY  -  National Journal Writing Month (#NaJoWriMo)
JANUARY 12 – 15   Bridgewater International Poetry Festival, Bridgewater, VA
JANUARY 21     Richmond Writers Chapter VWC Meeting  Guest speaker: Charlie Finley, publishing consultant/editor, will talk about current publishing methods. (Goochland Library)
JANUARY 23 - National Handwriting Day
JANUARY 28 - Agile Writers Conference, (Richmond) agilewriters.com ($10 discount code: Rishonda17)


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